Sojourner Assay

Investing In Ideas.
Developing Businesses.
Creating Wealth.

What We Do

We are a research, development and holding company based in the Netherlands. We also have a presence in South Africa.Sojourner: Someone who "stays for a time in a place..."
Assay: "To examine or analyze. Or to try, attempt, or put to the test." (From
Some of our projects:

The Team

Jerry Everett is the Founder and CEO.
David Orchard ( is our General Counsel.
Ton Kroll (Blue Clue Tax Advisors) is our financial advisor.
Carolyn McCartney (Cranmore Accountancy) is our accountant.

Contact Us

Our registered address in the Netherlands can be found at KvK: 67460976Visting Address:
Padualaan 8
Utrecht, 3584 CH
The Netherlands
NT VAT Number NL 857005170B01Phone Number: +31 (0)24 808 02 01
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North American Postal Address:
110 - 300 Greenbank Road
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone Number:+1.613.255.5234
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Sojourner Assay Pty Ltd
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